If you would like to have an international marriage with a Japanese person in Osaka, please feel free to contact us.

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Fateful encounter with Japanese
Why don't you look for a partner by matchmaking?
Those who wish to marry a Japanese

【Our English speaking counselor is currently absent.Membership registration is only for those who can speak Japanese.I am so sorry】

If you are interested in marrying a Japanese person, take a step and get ready to meet a destined person!

Many foreigners who come as international students and who work for Japanese companies live in Japan.There are many couples who actually meet in Japan and have an international marriage, but I think there are quite a few foreigners who say, "I don't know how to meet a Japanese who is looking for a marriage partner."
I often meet people at work, introducing friends and acquaintances, matching apps, school life, etc. Are there any Japanese people in your current living environment?If you are not around, it is unlikely that you will meet them even after many years.If you want to meet a Japanese who wants to get married internationally, you need to jump into a place where you can meet yourself.
When it comes to seeking a place to meet, there are matching apps, volunteers, circles, pick-ups, etc., but all of them have to move positively from themselves, and if you are not fluent in Japanese, the distance between the two will not be shortened.
At our support center, Japanese counselors will be hired for Japanese people, and foreign counselors will be hired for foreign nationals, so we will be present at the time of the meeting to support the smooth conversation between the two.The language barrier doesn't have to be that much of a concern.
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