If you would like to have an international marriage with a Japanese person in Osaka, please feel free to contact us.
10:00~17:00 (Closed Thursday) Reservation required
TEL : 0120-479-192

Flow of marriage

① Free counseling

We will ask you about your partner’s requirements.
We will inform you about the usage fee and other information about this system.
Since it is a complete reservation system, please make a reservation by phone.


Once you have understood the system, we will proceed with the registration process.
In order to enroll, it is necessary to fill out a contract document.

③ Request for arranged marriage meeting

The person in charge will introduce you to the other party.
If you want to meet each other, it will be an arranged meeting.

④ Matchmaking

We will meet at the tea lounge of a famous hotel.
When you meet, a foreign counselor will also be present to support the conversation between the two people so that they can talk in a relaxed state.


If both of you are ok with each other, you will be dating.I will tell you each other’s contact information, so please keep in touch and meet freely.It is also possible for the person in charge to intervene and decide the date schedule.Please feel free to contact us.

⑥ Marriage

It’s finally time to propose when you both have a solid feeling for each other.Please do not hesitate to consult with the person in charge about the timing of the proposal.We will support you responsibly until your marriage is registered.